Commissions – Capturing Your Passion For Sports


Be it a custom portrait of a cyclist, marathon runner or a rugby player, commissioning artwork for any sports enthusiasts allows you to choose the subject matter, any sport activity.

RM-Cyclists in Pyrenees

Capturing sports achievements in a piece of art has proved a popular choice, with many people commissioning a piece for a birthday or anniversary present.

On those customised pieces I would include the colours of their gear, the special landmark in the background from the meaningful ride or run. You can also choose the dimensions of a piece.

The artwork is created on 300gsm acrylic paper, with the use of my signature technique of dripping gloss paint and finishing it off with inks and acrylic paints.

Help them keep vivid memories of their greatest moments in sports they are passionate about.

Such a gift will make them feel special, they will love you forever for being thoughtful...

I create original, customised artwork which captures passions for sports, as well as achievements or adventures.

On my customised pictures I capture any sport, any colours, and anywhere you want - you can have landmark in the background from the most meaningful places, races or runs.

Newest Work - Cyclist in Pyrenees

RM-Cyclists in Pyrenees

This amazing cyclist, at the age of 72, despite having 4 stents in his heart and being diagnosed with leukaemia, has cycled twice Col Du Tourmalet in the French Pyrenees!
Such amazing achievement requires to be commemorated in a bespoke, original piece of art!

In this video, I am showing and explaining how I have created the light effect of sun rays spreading over the valley which was the leading idea for this painting. The light supposed to glorify his achievements.


Commissions – Original Painting On Canvas


If you would like to keep colourful memories from a very special place or a romantic landscape captured in a centrepiece for your home, then my elaborate paintings on canvas can achieve this.

These special pieces of artwork represent the culmination of my skills and in fact it was this type of work that brought me three special awards:

1. Ribble Valley Open 2015 – First prize
2. Create Longridge 2016 – Third Prize
3. Painting Padiham 2019 – Second Prize

These paintings are always elaborate with a number of layers of colours and techniques. I use inks, acrylics and glosses resulting in a variety of colour and shine, achieving a one of a kind canvas.


Newest Work - Happy Family Home

This is what the customer said:

We visited Gosha’s gallery in Clitheroe in the late spring of 2019 and we were really impressed with her art, particularly her painting of buildings and townscapes using bold colour and a flowing fluid style. So much so we commissioned Gosha to create a painting of our house. To add some drama we suggested the painting depict the house at sunrise or sunset, with light spilling from the house windows and deep purple toned shadows on the red brick walls.
Gosha visited us and took a series of photographs of the house. Over the next few weeks she worked up a preliminary sketch and the progressively developed the canvas. She worked really hard to capture the appropriate light and to give the painting the required blend of atmosphere and drama. Upon completion she helped us choose an appropriate frame, and we also ordered a set of printed card featuring the same image.
We are very happy with the finished result, it provides us with a unique piece of art and a unique record and memory of our house. Gosha was a pleasure to work with and was even kind enough to arrange to deliver the final artwork to us.
If you are looking for a unique memento of your house or of any favourite place, we would strongly recommend asking Gosha to work her magic!


In this video you can watch me paint this house in the evening sky – a colourful memory of a happy family place. 👇





A couple of years ago I was looking for a gift for my sister who is keen cyclist and came across Gosha's website. I picked two of her black and white gloss and ink , I chose them as much for the titles. When I explained this she offered to put the titles onto the paintings for me. My sister was delighted with them. A few months ago I got in contact again and explained what I was looking for but that I didn't have a photo to work from. She sent images for me to choose from, did rough sketches and kept me updated with photos as work progressed. The whole process went very smoothly and my painting arrived in perfect condition and beautifully framed. It was for a mountain biking friend on his birthday yesterday. He was absolutely delighted. I would have no problem recommending Gosha's work and she has a lovely bright personality and is delightful to work with.
Marie Hill Browne


The Spinning Class Commission:

acrylics & gloss paint on canvas, 71/91cm

"I am a passionate spin instructor and couldn't find any paintings at all which I could identify with. I found gosh and the whole process was such fun, and very rewarding! The end result is stunning, it looks lovely above fire place and she worked with me throughout to make sure the "feeling" and the colours were just as I imagined them to be. It feels very personal to me and I can't recommend her enough!

Rugby Player


"My boyfriend was speechless, then proceeded to show everyone at the bar - and the next bar, including his rugby mates - how awesome the gift was. This is a guy who just raises an eyebrow and says "thanks" quietly when he gets gifts, so his response to this painting was the equivalent of a complete meltdown of emotion, LOL!"
Kate Kemplin

Red Gear Rugby Game

I’m Ready to Commission my Artwork




If you have any photos, one is all I need, and even if you haven't got a photo, that’s no problem! Descriptions work fine.
First, I will prepare a mock-up composition using Photoshop, so you'll see where the picture is going and if it aligns with your idea.


Up to two weeks before the anniversary or birthday is the best time to order.


My signature technique uses gloss paint dripped from a craft knife to create an outline of people and shapes. Those are later filled with inks and acrylic paint. It is quite a 'loose' technique and the details are only suggested, however, I always try to ensure that there is some resemblance to the person depicted.
The paint’s thick and oily texture is fluid on the paper, capturing the essence of sport:

Motion. Adventure. Life.


I’m Ready to Commission my Artwork




Step 1: We discuss what you want


You tell me what type of picture you want, colour and theme preferences, any landmarks to include, the finish (mounted or framed). I will also need a photo of the person (and it doesn’t have to be with them doing the activity or at the landmark).
Don’t have any photos? That’s fine. I can work from your description.


Step 2: Completely customised to you


I’ll provide you with a sketch for your review and then keep you updated throughout the process with photos as work progresses. You can be involved in every stage of the journey for a truly customised piece.


Step 3: Receive your commissioned artwork


Two weeks later, I’ll send off your custom artwork in the finish or format you requested.


FAQs about Personalised Artwork by Gosh Art:


Q. Do I have to come up with the concept for the artwork?


A. Not at all. If you would like some ideas on what to get, I can help you by giving you some suggestions. Just hit contact, send me an email with your story, and I’ll get back to you with some ideas.


Q. Do I need to provide a photo for you to work with?


A. Not if you don’t have any. I’ll work with you using your descriptions as well as my own research and provide ideas before getting started.


Q. Do you only paint large portraits?


A. No, you can get fully customised pieces from cards, wedding invitations, custom wall art, custom artwork prints, etc.


Q. Which sports do you paint for?


A. I can do personalised artwork for any sport including rugby, cycling, running, skiing, golf, hiking, rock climbing, marathon. Just name the sport you want, and I’m the artist to get it done for you.


Q. Do you only paint sports-related pictures?


A. Not at all, while I do specialise in athletic portraits, I also paint a variety of other images. These include original paintings of towns, local scenes, and even pictures of your favourite motor bikes or cars etc.
see my latest commission of a house with an evening sky


Q. Do you only do artwork in the UK?


A. Not at all. You can visit my shop and order from there or get in touch and I’ll arrange delivery to you wherever you are. And, if you’re local, you can generally find me at my Gallery in Clitheroe or during any of the Art Fairs I attend.
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Prices start from £110 and depend on the size and surface.


See the listing for more details


Ready to Commission my Artwork?

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